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Custom Clearance
The road to success in all importing and exporting activities is through a custom clearance specialist.since 1969, we have been the link between clients and the customs to ensure a smooth shipment, pay the required tariff only without any unnecessary charges.You can be certain that your goods are in good hands since:
1- Our trained specialists, technicians and consultants cover all Egyptian custom terminals at ports and airports.

2- We are up to date with the most recent custom clearance regulations and rules directly from the custom officials.

3- We will follow up with you from the point of order until the goods reach the warehouse after the  completion of all customs procedures and all consignments required on the shipment.
Air freight is considered the safest and fastest service for exporting and importing goods on a global scale. We provide the highest quality of services that will surely save your time. This is guaranteed since the ground handling from pick – up to delivery – remains under one roof. Moreover, we offer the most comprehensive airfreight service available through:
1- Air freight Direct consolidation from our officers in the major airports all over the world

2- Every shipment is clearly Labelled and carefully documented.

3- Special offers could be obtained for continuous and running business
Sea freight is your best option for bulk amount  of goods. ElKhalifa cargo provides the best possible sea freight transportation. This is guaranteed through our shipping FCL (Full Container Load) and general cargo services to and from all major ports and markets worldwide. Our strong chain of port offices and qualified personnel ensure that the process is fast and professional.We guarantee the smooth movement of the shipment from its point of origin to the destination by:
1- Completing all relevant formalities and approvals

2- Meeting your requirements regardless of the size and weight of the shipment

3- Providing competitive shipping rates
Export wise: We provide excellent exporting services in key locations around Egypt. This includes, Cairo, Alexandria, Port Said, Suez & Damietta. To ensure the quality and well-being of the shipments, ElKhalifa cargo provide:
1- Export LCL consolidation and full containers services worldwide.

2- documentation services for exporting your goods through our export register and documents legalisation service.

3- approvals from ministry of foreign affairs, chamber of commerce and different embassies and councils.
Import wise: We currently have a huge base of clients that import and export from several countries. Furthermore, we are working on our expansion plans since our main goal is to cover the whole world in a record time.
We provide storage according to your requirements. We are very flexible with both the size and weight of your goods.
We are prepared for unforeseen circumstances that might affect your goods through our insurance policy. Our facilities are going to cover your goods through local or international insurance agencies
Our packaging services meet the international standards by high quality packing materials that are tailored to the nature of the goods.
We offer delivery at both sides, origin & destination through our worldwide agents network who also have the best competitive freight rates in case of shipments being under a consolidation system.
We guarantee your shipments safety until its delivery at your site anywhere all over Egypt.
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